With a background from documentaries, I have experience with stories involving people in vulnerable situations, and in personal or artistic prosess. I like to work with directors who aim toward visuals hand in hand with subject matter, and who can make good use of the resources available.

I started out with a VHS-camcorder doing short films and skateboard videos in middle school.  I got to produce video while doing initial service in the Norwegian army, and later studied film history and got a bachelor in documentary film production at the national school of television in Lillehammer. 

In the past I have done work as clapper/loader, electrician, 1st and 2nd AC. I particularly value the skills I learned from working in the light department of television drama and short films. I started freelancing in 2013, and have gradually moved over to operating and shooting documentary shows and shorts. These days I do a combination of documentary, corporate, commercials and art/music related work for a living, and I would love to do more scripted projects.


In 2019 I was a nominee at Camerimage International Film Festival for the documentary short Polyfonatura.


I'm also a father of two, a Oslo resident with bonds to the west coast and really enjoy a good cup of coffee.